octopus revenge


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60:00 minutes


sibot. expect everyone
gramatik. while i was playin' fair
a-trak. me &my snakers feat. lupe fiasco
lobounce. keep forgettin'
the polish ambassador. binary rainbow
nastynasty. apologies
young mc. bust a move (polish ambassador remix)
mochipet. rambunktion (polish ambassador remix)
leftside &esco. tuck in ya belly
desmond dekker. shantytown (santigold+diplo rework)
kromestar. badman
the librarian. arctic swallow
sugarpill. b.k.
sugarpill. flow goggles
sugarpill. some say the
yan zombie. i don't wanna be numb anymore
phace. vintage
phace. basic memory
aphex twin. lichen (wisp remix)
lady gaga. paparazzi (dntel remake)
kolt13. thirteen's ladder
cyne. money parade


SouthPawBrown said...

Lovin' how so many different styles are in this mix.

PR.INCEST said...


i like specific songs, tracks and things from such a variety of genres i wanted to 'traverse' these liking paths and swings. this crossing round and over and through doesn't always work but i really enjoy+love it. when it does


Anonymous said...

I found this mix by Kangding Ray (of other artists' work) that you might like: http://mnmlssg.blogspot.com/2011/06/kangding-ray-tracklist.html

- poison_taster

Anonymous said...

Oh and here's the individual tracks, if you want to see how KR put them together: http://die-fremde.blogspot.com/2011/06/addendum-here-s-individual-tracks-from.html

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty great mix too: http://www.mixcloud.com/MaryAnneHobbs/blawan-mix-xfm-230711/

I heard about it via Warren Ellis' Twitter and was skeptical, but gave it a try anyway and I'm quite glad.

Hope you're well. xo p_t

Anonymous said...

Also, these two tracks are totally badass, especially the Ocoeur: http://poison-taster.tumblr.com/post/8933884698/miroslav


Okay, sorry for the double post. ^_-