a hand sustains you

a hand sustains you it is hers lips lightly touch your forehead they are her lips you hear breathing near you it is she to have her wholly from her devotion to her pity never to be left alone to have that sweet shyness as to lean on that unbending reed to touch providence with your hands and be able to grasp it in your arms god made palpable the heart that dark celestial flower bursts into a mysterious bloom you would not give up that shade for all the light in the world the angel soul is forever there if she goes away it is only to return she fades away in a dream and reappears in reality you feel an approaching warmth she is there you are radiant you see nothing but you feel yourself adored it is a paradise, of darkness

VICTOR HUGO. les misérables
(sadako tchaikovskaya remix)


Anonymous said...

Very lovely. A fascinating continuum. French translators often do wonderfully when it comes to capturing the poetry of the original; Céline's are particularly fine, despite his being quite a bastard. Well, not only the French, the translation of Pessoa's Book of Disquiet was wonderful.

Have I already recommended Hecker's album Ravedeath if you haven't heard it already? And Kangding Ray's OR, or Twenty Knives' debut album, or Necro Facility's new release? I can't recall.

Hope you're well, and take care,

Anonymous said...

un ange électrique passe’?

On occasion, such as now, it seems the web jointly grows quiet of a sudden; I wonder if an electric angel has flown a vast circuit through the wires.

- poison_taster

PR.INCEST said...

will queue up the musical recommendings. thanks! for the sweet messaged thoughts too.