god is like me

not too super terribly keen on blogger and might not actually continue with
maintaining things here. i've started a new tumblr blog however so follow me to there.
it's nice and pretty and fun so far! http://godislikeme.tumblr.com/




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60:00 minutes


gramatik. good evening mr. hitchcock
chrisfader+testa. way of life
shurik'n. samourai
niamaj. love joint (tony oheix rework)
[artist unknown]. intro
gold panda. you
eight frozen modules. left me
welder. purple and orange (audiovoid remix)
desiseq. retfirdkcab
dillon francis. I.D.G.A.F.O.S.
siriusmo. signal
jakwob. here with me
[artist unknown]. track unknown
nit grit. grit shifter
freestylers. cracks feat. belle humble (flux pavilion remix)
bil bless. wanting you
kasai allstars+woom. enter the chief

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60:00 minutes


bil bless. sin of omission
polish ambassador. binary rainbow
alpine. icypoles (star slinger dreamix)
girl talk. happen feat. chris glover
elliot mars. excite
ill.gates+nick c. that look
vybz kartel. clarks again
tanya stephens. please me
pupajim. trouble again
miss bolivia. alta yama feat. ali gua gua
BCO. sonidera popa (shazalakazoo remix)
BCO. la inconformable (schlachthofbronx remix)
diplo+dillon francis. que que feat. maluca
vaski. spaceman (dillon francis remix)
nuphlo. 40 thieves
bedrockk. plush sky dreamin'
nastynasty. apologies
katalyst. day into night feat. stephanie mckay


octopus revenge


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60:00 minutes


sibot. expect everyone
gramatik. while i was playin' fair
a-trak. me &my snakers feat. lupe fiasco
lobounce. keep forgettin'
the polish ambassador. binary rainbow
nastynasty. apologies
young mc. bust a move (polish ambassador remix)
mochipet. rambunktion (polish ambassador remix)
leftside &esco. tuck in ya belly
desmond dekker. shantytown (santigold+diplo rework)
kromestar. badman
the librarian. arctic swallow
sugarpill. b.k.
sugarpill. flow goggles
sugarpill. some say the
yan zombie. i don't wanna be numb anymore
phace. vintage
phace. basic memory
aphex twin. lichen (wisp remix)
lady gaga. paparazzi (dntel remake)
kolt13. thirteen's ladder
cyne. money parade


a hand sustains you

a hand sustains you it is hers lips lightly touch your forehead they are her lips you hear breathing near you it is she to have her wholly from her devotion to her pity never to be left alone to have that sweet shyness as to lean on that unbending reed to touch providence with your hands and be able to grasp it in your arms god made palpable the heart that dark celestial flower bursts into a mysterious bloom you would not give up that shade for all the light in the world the angel soul is forever there if she goes away it is only to return she fades away in a dream and reappears in reality you feel an approaching warmth she is there you are radiant you see nothing but you feel yourself adored it is a paradise, of darkness

VICTOR HUGO. les misérables
(sadako tchaikovskaya remix)


if i was your dj


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60:00 minutes


end. theatres of memory
kettel. twinkle twinkle
heyoka. sonidas de la cabeza
ample mammal. future versus calculator
lorn. what's the use
si begg. no 7 (original 2005 battle weapon)
amplive. nudez feat. too $hort&mc zumbi of zion-i
aphex twin. lichen (wisp remix)
james holden. lump
tone deaf junkies. kwaai techtic
artem zlobin. soul
artem zlobin. listen UP
armand van helden. i want your soul (fake blood remix)
kwanzamo roots rockers. jah love