crowning tigers


click here. to listen
48:00 minutes


chr15tpunch3r. vinyl experiment
cyne. money parade
unknown artist. lose it
cardopusher. green disorder
ample mammal. pushing time
fredo feat. asm. ent wot yo
bil bless. sin of omission
hudson mohawke. fuse
cyne. arrow of god
anythony b. sunshine
yan zombie. the loneliness
yan zombie. last words
onra. stop (walk on by)
anthony b. true rastaman


so malleable. said...

i'm liking it so far. =] your taste in music never ceases to delight me!

PR.INCEST said...

i'm glad, very, to hear it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard that Onra before, thanks for the clue to the collaborative release. The new Onra (solo) album I haven't been able to get into yet.

If you're feeling groovy, might I recommend A)Watching Black Dynamite (the spiritual successor to I'm Gonna Git You Sucka), it's awesome and B)Listening to the new Roots/Legend album Wake Up! and C)Listening to Kev Brown - I Do What I Do and Selective Hearing parts 1-2 (w/ LMNO).

so malleable. said...

you don't have an interest in psybient/psychill or prog/psytrance do you? i just recently got into prog/psytrance after getting into psybient/psychill and i'm really loving it. i use the slashes, because they're basically the same things with only minimal differences. ive never been a fan of EDM at all, this is the only type of it that i fancy.

Chuck P. said...

very fun. thanks for the mix!

PR.INCEST said...

so glad you.

lumi said...

the bil bless song is particularly amazing. thanks pr.i

Anonymous said...

Oops did I comment here while inebriated via absinthe? Sorry sorry.

In honour of John Lennon, in case you missed it (I'm senile), Antony & the Johnsons - Imagine cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS_8NuXCQNQ

PR.INCEST said...

bil bless is one of my top 10 or even top 5 currently. adore his sounds. think my next mix might be called 'count your blessings' and every other track will be a bil bless piece. or maybe 'pretty blessings' where every other track is pretty lights and bil bless. something like that! glad you enjoyed.

PR.INCEST said...

don't know if you drunkenly commented, how would i? you are ANONYMOUS. thanks for the antony/lennon, eager to hear.