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Anonymous said...

FYI: William Gibson'll be at the IFOA this year on the 26th and 27th of October. The Penguin Group event (26th) looks more well-rounded: http://www.readings.org/?q=ifoa/penguin_group_celebrating_75_years_in_publishing ; http://www.readings.org/?q=ifoa/interview_willam_gibson_david_mitchell

I was thinking of going but doubt it'd fit my budget, plus I hate driving even though I have GPS now... you know how nervous I was that one time -- though I blame you in part for that! ^_^ Studies show that attractive passengers are quite distracting: http://mindhacks.com/2010/08/24/distractingly-attractive/

You and Souda will always be the 'saolas' of my heart: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/sep/16/saola-dies-after-capture-in-laos

Anonymous said...

PS - Gibson's Zero History is quite good once you get into it. Took me a bit because I hadn't read the 1st two books of the trilogy in ages (Pattern Recognition and Spook Country, that is).

PR.INCEST said...

ah well you are dear to say so. the authors thing i haven't attend in about a zillion years, not since we did i think. you should come, screw your driving fears, the world is full of bad drivers, who cares if there's one more...

Anonymous said...

I really want to, if only as an excuse to see you in person and gallantly kiss Tricky's paw but I spent all my travel money on a super laptop from the future, the Asus G73JH A1. Ah well, I'm still mad at Gibson aka GreatDismal anyway for ruining my first twitter account.