when humans ruled the earth

Short Film by Stephen Ong
[Via] Change The Thought


Anonymous said...

I don't mind as long as we take the Earth out with us in a blaze of um, fuschia? ;p

Also: Vietnam Online Film Festival: http://globalvoicesonline.org/2010/07/16/vietnam-online-film-festival/ -- Short films, most with English subtitles... I guess none of them are Laotian, tsk tsk. Although: http://southeastasiancinema.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/luang-prapang-film-festival/ & http://www.vientianale.org/festival.htm

It makes me sad to imagine a place without a healthy film industry.

Anonymous said...

PS - Last random OT comment ever, I swear (I'll be too busy with grad school in a cpl weeks to bother, so there!)

But Yellow Swans - Going Places (and bonus EP Being There) are really good, found a style there for what is most simply described as Tim Hecker (specifically Harmony in Ultraviolet) meets classic Silk Saw ('illbient' percussion) meets Hans Zimmer (or just Zimmer's work for the film Inception).

Here's a cpl samples from my tumblelog: http://poison-taster.tumblr.com/

Take care! & Remember, Filestube.com is your friend.
s_r aka p_t ;p

PR.INCEST said...

Will definitely check out the music recommended, sounds relevant. Filestube I still have to befriend and good luck with grad school!

Anonymous said...


Of course, it all means nothing unless I'm friends with Souda. *cry*