take care

When I’m not

out in public drinking far too much and quickly, talking far too fast and loudly, lunging much too unstoppably for any nearby testicles set, making out like I’m genuinely and relentlessly obsessed with black cock [of the illicit and enormous Race Traitor kind] or jawing off much too free and frankly about upsettingly unacceptable things like abortion, The Final Solution, pedophilia and/or war...

I can be found reclining languid and devastated with my eyes lightly closed wearing nothing but a stylishly oversized set of sleek Sennheiser headphones listening intently to my arresting and latest indie rock ballad discovery allowing my heart to singularly, quietly. Kind of break

thinking about too many silently clashing and crashing shards of shades of shapes of everything, flowing downward into the erasing enclosure of pure feeling, flowing upwards into the bright blank absolution of pure time, into all the crushing beauty of tomorrow, all the distorted perplexed rememberings of a collective eternal yesterday, the unfinished stories, the unwritten triumphs and conflicts, the greatest sacrifice, the greatest injustice, the greatest shame or perfection, the greatest love story ever. That always almost never was.

(it’s the falling that’s the shining [most elusive most memorable most worthwhile] experience of into love] it’s the search and seeking, the chase and promise and hope and wanting. The caring deeply, instinctually, continually and still. And not caring at all about caring too much and knowing (or wanting) someone [bright and brave solitary and serene right and real gentle and genuine tremendous and true]. To be there, mean it always, taking care from the beginning moment, taking care endlessly, of no one else ever [not even themselves first or fundamentally] but for



Anonymous said...

The layers of that chorus really keep one from getting sick of it, no? It's the kind of repetition that feels sort of like being pummeled into 'the nods' by an opiate, unsure where the echoes of dreaming and waking refrains begin and end.

I was just going to ask you what headphones you recommend, as I'm retiring my Grado SR-60s... I have a very small list of 'elite' headphones, the Sennheiser thingies are on it, as are the Grado SR-80s. Looking for comfort and something that will render, say, Haruki's To Humble a Nest album with precision, clarity, and having the depth and range to switch handily to the murky undercurrents of Bernocchi & Blackfilm's release.

I would be fully clothed whilst listening. ^_^

Also, check out Bleeding Heart Narrative if you haven't already, especially the album Tongue Tangled Hair (ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3rlaoEXlLY - Slow build-up, takes two minutes for vocal onset).

By the way, 'sonification' seems quite popular these days, be it Sheffield University's 'solar sounds' or LHC's Higgs-Boson renditions; worth looking into.

PR.INCEST said...

I actually don't own the headphones described in the post. I also don't normally lie about naked (xept perhaps when I'm in the bath!) Chalk what literal details you discern to be nothing more than the authorial license I both randomly and commonly take, with some things, most things, any thing. =^_^=

[Still. Sennheiser are famous for their headphones aren't they? You'd probably not go very wrong with those. Also thanks for the latest recommendations. I look forward to the finding, listening and considering].

Anonymous said...

Also: Go Japan!!! (Playing Paraguay today in the World Cup). The Samurai Blues are the only team I'm following now that South Korea's 'Red Devils' were eliminated.

PR.INCEST said...


Anonymous said...

Oh what the hell, they lost to the stupid Guays (just like SK did to Uruguay) because there's only 5 shots allowed at that stage and they missed one? What an anticlimax. Japan really needs more strikers besides Honda. And to get rid of Okubo (longish light brown hair), who can't initiate 'set pieces' for shite. They're also too underconfident when going against other players, they inevitably give up the ball or pass frantically when pressured.

Ah well, time to watch Giant Killing (anime) and get my football kicks there, since now I've no more reason to spend time on the World Cup. I already predicted the final match when it started, anyway: Brazil vs. whoever, Brazil wins.

It was funny to see Honda and Santa Cruz collide in the centre at one point, since they're both wearing those bright yellow Infinitus prototype boots they helped develop/promote (only two in the World Cup wearing them), which are designed for 'mukaiten', a non-spinning kick (Honda's free kick specialty, makes it unpredictable in the air or something... Ronaldo is famous for it I guess, also known as a 'knuckleball' maybe?)

Anonymous said...

Oh but I'm still really proud of them, supposedly they're not that respected (http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2010/jun/27/world-cup-2010-japan-paraguay-asia) but damn, their matches have been exciting, especially the match against the Netherlands with Honda/Endo's free kicks (one was the mukaiten, the other was 'bent' like Beckham does it ;p). Hope they get better and qualify again in the future, when I'm old and gray in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Happy to admit I've been entirely wrong in my World Cup predictions. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I've had this album a cpl weeks but only just listened, I think you might like -- DM Stith, 'Heavy Ghost' -- ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEC_c0Qh3ks

Are you going to watch The Ultimate Fighter next season? GSP's going to be a coach with Koscheck as his rival, building up to their rematch... ;p

PR.INCEST said...

Will check your Heavy Ghost and I've never watched UF before... Might give it a peek this time around tho if GSP will be there to show off his preeminence in both prize fighter physique and socially inept lovability...

The WC is done which depresses. Good thing I have all those marvelous moments and memories from my favourites (Villa, Casillas, Iniesta, Alonso, some totally beautiful Team Uruguay boy that 'fought to the end' in their amazing second-to-last game, Fabiano, Forlán/Suárez, Messi, Ronaldo, Quagliarella, Honda/Endō, ETC). I love the ones who play the best, who tried the hardest, who felt the most and who were the most gorgeous and/or the most rascally.

+4 Years.

Anonymous said...

Between now and the next WC I wouldn't mind watching more Japanese football, such as this Japanese girl scoring against 1000 North Korean players in an Under-17 match: http://www.wired.com/playbook/2010/09/south-korean-soccer-goal

PR.INCEST said...

totally off-topic but i rediscovered that fantastic wonderfully well-fitted black jacket you got me. it's rather gorgeous and fits so exactly that i am all hyper over it again. plus it 'reads' like brand new and i just {might} rock that shit tomorrow or SOON. =^_^+ (thanks again).

Anonymous said...

Ha. That's nice to know. It was good to buy clothes that fit stylishly on a lithe frame. I was vicariously living as a hott Asian grrl I guess. I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian trapped in an oaf's body. ;p

I only wear old person clothes now. Straight outta the 20s-40s.