the brides of kimiko

Bridal Self-Portraits by Kimiko Yoshida
[Via] Pink Tentacle


the black purl said...

Incredible...thanks :)

pr.incest said...

You're very welcome and

I agree: Her concept/project/idea (and her execution) is incredible. Also it's amazing+inspiring to see the improvements/changes/developments/perfectings, over time.

She's been doing this Bridal Self-Portrait Dance for basically the past decade and some of the images are genuinely transcendent. In fact, many of them are. I don't think I've ever shown or specifically liked so many and so much of the individual pieces/takes/examples of a single ongoing art concept...

Hence the billions of pictures-of, verses only a handful. {smile}

Anonymous said...

well that is basically pretty fucking perfect.

oh and by the way: see you at the beginning of june.

yes yes YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pr.incest said...

Yes yes,

Bridal Self-Portrait Japanese Photography Artist Woman is super high marks. And

hyper ultra marvelous YSSSSSSSSSS about June... your sweetSWEET mentioned something of the gorgeous possible fact back when we were 'scheming' for your special secret Birthday Book. I'm up-in-arms to hear of this possible-to-positive: confirmation.


Awesome {AWESOME}
! OH-HO-HO x.x