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60:00 minutes


bil bless. sin of omission
polish ambassador. binary rainbow
alpine. icypoles (star slinger dreamix)
girl talk. happen feat. chris glover
elliot mars. excite
ill.gates+nick c. that look
vybz kartel. clarks again
tanya stephens. please me
pupajim. trouble again
miss bolivia. alta yama feat. ali gua gua
BCO. sonidera popa (shazalakazoo remix)
BCO. la inconformable (schlachthofbronx remix)
diplo+dillon francis. que que feat. maluca
vaski. spaceman (dillon francis remix)
nuphlo. 40 thieves
bedrockk. plush sky dreamin'
nastynasty. apologies
katalyst. day into night feat. stephanie mckay


Anonymous said...

The sake I'll be tasting this evening is made by building an igloo each year in wintry Hokkaido and collecting the rice wine as it drips. Just thought you might appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

*poof* I appear again. Just thought I'd note that you can grab Ocoeur's releases free here. I've had them a while but never got around to listening. Great stuff. Abstract, complex, atmospheric, charming and thoughtful.



Anonymous said...

My Fuzzy Ricebot 2000 is starting to show some wear and tear. 8'(

pr.incest said...

hello anonymous!