from love, with russia

Photography by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii
[Via] Boston


n. said...

stunning! such a haunting, painterly quality to them

PR.INCEST said...

they really are beautiful. timeless, hypnotic and yes, very haunting. unbelievable that they were taken a hundred years ago!

so malleable. said...

wow those were really taken that long ago? i didnt know they had that type of technology available then. or were they somehow enhanced with modern technology?

PR.INCEST said...

yes, are they not incredible? think the photographer used three projectors or some fancily creative approach. i'll look it up again for you and elaborate if i can.

Anonymous said...

Here's a page with captions; those electrical generators are from that era, only manipulation seems to be some colour enhancement: http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/empire/work.html
- The latest possible date seems to be 1915.

It all goes back to Tesla, I'm sure, just a couple decades earlier (was just Googling the Niagara Falls power plant from 1895 or so).

There's a book on Tesla I keep meaning to read, forgot the title of it -- Man Out of Time? The Man Who Fell to Earth? ;p

PR.INCEST said...

good ol' tesla! hrrrrrt.