__________All day today I
listened basically to the same two tracks on persistent repeat

an everything of goodness sweetness and sadness an openness of motion a naturalness of beauty an anxiety of appeal the vivid brightness of the day in all of its everywhere kind of poignancy the thoughts the pangs the patterns the distance of a kind of crushing concern the near-death approaching of all these anywhere all the time moments I probably nearly died a thousand separate instances but I wouldn't [I think] (have minded) I would have died lightly and abruptly without knowing anything beyond a closely open listening to how my feelings felt without knowing what to fear or that I should have felt a fear I would have simply been a finality of possible motion feeling sweet and sudden and sad and happily.

Happy to be so free and final free to feel such an openness of bright everything sky the anything feel of a flow of movements the all-surrounding sound of a song that was secretly and separately and totally mine. On two occasions my companions became upset when they discovered I was secretly listening still and yet again to Labi Siffre’s Down through my Ipod and headphones and gazing at them inattentively just watching their mouths move instead of actually listening to their sound of words and discerning an attempt or approach toward connection or meaning.

Thank you once and twice again, you are a kind of Prince, an actual Knight [if such titles can be granted through {and by} the gift of a long searched-for sadly] beautiful. Song


so malleable. said...

I adore this picture more than usual, but I'm not sure exactly why.

PR.INCEST said...

Thank you!
Maybe it's my Bobble Head here that 'does it' for you. {Wink}