sin tu amor (la vida no vale la pena)

In one of my dream delusion secret sudden worlds, Isabel Mastache will be in charge of
dressing every man that’s presumably worth it. Least until I come across some other artist,
designer or collection that can surpass this achieved level of casually crazy provocatively
pointless stupidly sexy unfeasible fun.


the black purl said...


I have never seen a mens wear show that was worth watching, let alone this! Fabulous!

pr.incest said...


Usually women get all the pleasant (fashion) options, changes, varieties, surprises. This line for men is so creatively creative, inspiringly unbounded, very playful and colourful, ridiculous and fun.

I've 'decided' already that The Boy's gonna wear some version of a couple, plenty or a hybrid of all of these come that drastic &improbable W-Day.