Last night we attempted to watch Avatar and after about eleven disastrous dismal minutes, we simply wholly failed to deal. I heard myself say something like [as far as films go]: I always thought Americans were stupid retarded, now I know they are. And then I retracted the statement (the words) because I know that’s not a succinctly fair or totally accurate thing to say. Plus there’s a great many Americans I very much like and there’s a handful of American films I do genuinely admire, enjoy and appreciate.

Still and/but just the same:

Avatar is terrible. We neither of us anticipated much but we were unprepared for the film to be worse than our expectations (which all were openly low). Least it wasn’t as unrelentingly melodramatic, rapaciously extravagant and ruthlessly stupefying as Lars von Trier’s Antichrist was... Though if I had to choose, I’d probably choose Antichrist. [And Lars von Trier is certainly not his name anymore, I now call him LVT. Cause Antichrist is not so much a film as it is a kind of magnificently inconceivable catastrophe].


Today’s Favourite Song: Spinnin’ by Speech Debelle
Some Men I Love: Bertrand Russell, Viggo Mortensen, Voltaire, Bruce Lee
Tonight’s Event: Synkro at Nocturne

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Ian said...

I'd be interested in hearing what you specifically disliked about Avatar. Granted, the first eleven minutes don't evoke a cinematic masterpiece (yes, the opening is cliched) but they aren't entirely unwatchable. I saw the film in the theatres, and while I don't think it deserves an Oscar nod for best picture, it succeeds as a decent sci-fi film with a great deal of 3D eye candy.

PR.INCEST said...

HIIII. :D Okay so my mean quick dismissive reviews! Of both AVATAR and ANTICHRIST. Really it's true our 'setting for viewing' was super unfair, specifically for AVATAR. We were watching the 2D version, totally pirated, probably a CAM rip and on my computer. Unforgivable I think, given the 'technological scope' of this film. Meaning definitely a film of this hyper epic visual kind is never meant to be watched under the circumstances that we 'went for.' Also HF had only a day home between touring and traveling and we wanted a film that we could both love and view and like and artistically appreciate 'on the spot' all cozy and secluded and home and AVATAR just simply wasn't that film. The acting and script Americanly grated, the aliens looked and felt 'all wrong,' our eleven minutes of chance-giving were not consecutive but were zipped and scanned all over the film to see if we might be able to 'make it work' (we clearly couldn't/didn't). We had poor luck finding any film 'on the spot' that might instead and so were annoyed and aggravated. Soon after I 'banged out this post.' (And threw ANTICHRIST in there too, just super passing-by and seemingly with a big and final X against both films and not super needfully or relevantly). I think we might be up for the AVATAR IMAX EXPERIENCE sometime. If only to 'give Cameron a chance' (!) and if only to prove myself wrong. {smile} We should make a date of it. Also I look forward to the Engagement Party!