Right so I called it exactly: Kim Yuna, Mao Asada, Joannie Rochette.

Mao was sensational. Then Kim totally effortlessly beautifully destroyed. [Joannie was marvelous too (and her mom did just die) but received Bronze medal placement because of home turf advantage (Mirai Nagasu I think more truly deserves the third)].

I love Kim. To the point at times of breathless delirium and [almost] as much as HF does. Still I kinda want Mao to win BECAUSE of the two: Mao is less beautifully perfect/perfectly beautiful and is consequently: the underdog.

Thursday then. Excited. And nervous.

Watching now: Profondo rosso? Also and totally unrelated to anything else I've said here but. Rain in that Ninja Assassin film. Extremely silly but rather great fun as far as a film. Gorgeous beautiful South Korean man as far as martial magnificence and perfection and men. Not the best actor surely but what a screen capture.

Now though. Visiting Friends want to get their Profondo on.
And I'm too shiver sniffle viral blah to do much [more] of anything else.


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